The aspirations of the most adventurous human beings amongst us continue to explore the boundaries of mortality. It is tragic that VSS Enterprise has suffered such a severe setback. [It would be apparent that it is rocket science after all]. As the smoke clears only  3% of the designated first space passengers have pulled out, which says something about the conviction of those already with tickets to fly.

For Superyacht owners there is an alien world becoming more and more accessible below sea level. Last year private submersible vendors debuted at Monaco Yacht Show. A collaboration between yacht designers and submersible constructors would assist in making them more aesthetically pleasing.. Hopefully this will come as the interest in exploration continues to grow.

Right now there is the IMAX private theatre experience. Ken Freivokh Design proposes a Nemo Room for a client. The easiest and most relaxing way to get the buzz without upsetting the bubbles in the champagne. Why do anything else?