There now exists an LED light engine for virtually all previous incarnations of the lightbulb . And the perfect colour rendition that is an inherent and universally exclusive property of a burning black body, i.e the sun and a tungsten halogen lamp – which has for a long time been the holy grail of LED research and development – is being replicated with emerging technologies to the point that it is hard even the trained eye to distinguish.

But it is always exciting to come across organisations that push the boundaries of alternative lighting developments, as it is in this sector that arguably more exciting progress can be made particularly with respect to how light physically integrates within architectural surfaces.

Brad Koerner, of Philips Lighting predicted some years ago that there would be a paradigm shift in the way lighting designers will approach the application of light as a result of technical development within the lighting industry, and the change is underway.


Jonas Samson made some exciting ground some years ago with an illuminated wallpaper concept. Now MeyStyle, in collaboration with LG, have developed an OLED wallpaper product, to be exhibited at Maison & Objet, Paris 8-12 September 2017 and Decorex, London 17-20 September 2017.

Other interesting developments are coming from Future Illuminations, as they have developed an electroluminescent light-source that can be incorporated into fabrics. Their laser powered light-wire is of interest too…

OK, so this might not be a replacement for a conventional source of light, but it’s good, and we will be on the lookout for creative architectural applications of this in our projects