At time of writing the Olympic torch is at the North Pole on its 65,000 km journey around Russia, due to reach Sochi early February for the opening of the winter games. No doubt there were just a handful of supporting spectators on this leg of the journey… thank goodness we have the technology that allows us to witness the experience from the comfort of our front room.

This technology has made the world so much more accessible, not only in terms of witnessing these kinds of events but also in meeting and interacting with people. Now we can conduct business in a virtual meeting environment – one participant in the study on his or her yacht in the Bahamas, the other in a hotel video conference suite in Qatar, for instance.  And there is no need for the participants to actually shake hands.


But in this situation visual impressions are all the more critical, and it is important to get the environment right so the camera portrays the subject in the best light. Lighting systems are key to controlling light intensity and colour temperature balance in hotel conference suites as well as yacht owners’ studies’ alike.  Care should also be taken in the selection of internal finishes so that optimum image quality is registered on the lens.  Use of a good lighting designer is the best way forward with this…

I look forward to seeing the torch on the international space station from the bath.

[Image courtesy of Charterworld and Vicem.]